Theatre review: Huff

Huff at the Traverse Pic: Comp
Huff at the Traverse Pic: Comp
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YOU’LL likely know the story of the hard-working three pigs who built their houses from straw, wood and brick.

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Leading Scottish theatre company Catherine Wheels reinvent the fairy tale for the twenty-first century in a brilliantly inventive, involving and unsettling production.

The trouble with writing a review is that saying anything at all about Huff risks ruining it for new audiences. The sense of surprise is everything.

I can say that this is a masterfully choreographed production from Shona Reppe and Andy Manley.

The set and the attention to detail lavished on it isastonishing. There are beautiful details throughout – look out for the shampoo – and plenty of sly adult humour to keep the grown-ups as entertained as the kids.

The soundtrack ranges from Mozart’s Requiem to pop classics.

The thing about fairy tales is by the time you hit adulthood, you’ve usually forgotten that you ever found them frightening - although there’s probably one that still makes you shudder.

Huff seduces you with a tinkly, rose pink version of the world – making the rug pull all the more effective.

Beware the – I’d better not tell you. But it was the most spooked I’ve been this Fringe.

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