Theatre Review: I Need a Doctor

I Need a Doctor. Pic: Comp
I Need a Doctor. Pic: Comp
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IN an alternative reality, far, far away, a registered GP and his comely young assistant roam the universe in a large blue box saving worlds and exploring galaxies.

* * * *

Pleasance Courtyard

Sound familiar? Well it should, but not quite, because I Need a Doctor, at the Pleasance Courtyard, treads a fine line between being a tribute to all things Time Lord and being slapped with a copyright infringement lawsuit by the BBC (it’s full title includes the words The Unauthorised Whosical Adventure).

Jessica Spray and James Wilson-Taylor are a timeywymey adventuring duo you’re quite happy to share a phone booth with as they sing songs about cyber-person rights and grapple with rapping arch nemeses.

While the production is an astute and entertaining dissection of the Doctor and his companion’s relationship and there’s a potted history of the original along the way, it’s more of a collection of sketches than a cohesive story; more a Rubber Chicken style tribute than, say, The Comic Strip Presents.

Until 26 August