Theatre review: Light

Light @ Pleasance, Pic: Comp
Light @ Pleasance, Pic: Comp
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LIGHT has been ten years in the making but was resurrected recently in the wake of Edward Snowden’s surveillance revelations.

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This new production from the company behind award-winning sellout productions Translunar Paradise and The Ballad of the Burning Star have turned their attention to cyber security.

This show is marvellously imaginative. The ticket warns of darkness, loud, immersive sound and flashing lights but that does no justice to the creativity that then unfolds.

The plot wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood film - a well-intentioned invention, making possible a whole new level of surveillance, is hijacked for sinister purposes with calamitous consequences.

While none of the questions raised are entirely new, the dramatisation invites the audience to consider where government monitoring of individuals should reasonably begin and end.

Performances from the versatile and talented cast of five are all strong. But what makes this show remarkable is the technical wizardry. Lights and sound are used to amazingly imaginative effect to recreate a dystopian 2081 in which the contents of your mind are no longer your own.

Be warned: the ticket’s right. It is loud. But for a play making a point about the invasiveness of technology, the volume punches that message home.

Until 25 August