Theatre review: Major Tom

Major Tom. Pic: Comp
Major Tom. Pic: Comp
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MAJOR Tom is a heart-warming yet bizarre tale of a young woman and her adorable Basset hound attempting to achieve success in their relevant fields.

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Major Tom, the hound, looks for fame at Crufts. Victoria, looks for hers at beauty pageants. After successfully becoming Miss Brighton we follow her journey and physical transformation as she prepares for the Miss UK championships.

Accompanied by a variety of documentary-esque film footage we are taken through the ups and downs of the extremely brutal and cliquey worlds of professional dog shows and beauty pageantry, at Summerhall.

It’s an incredibly funny production with Major Tom stealing the show. Some of the in jokes run stale towards the end but nonetheless Major Tom is definitely worth a watch. Get a seat at the front for a really good look at Major Tom.

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