Theatre review: Miriam Margoyles Dickens’ Women, Pleasance Courtyard

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THERE is something extremely endearing about BAFTA Award winner Miriam Margolyes.

Therefore it is no surprise that her performance in Dickens’ Women leaves the audience hanging on every word.

Suddenly what might initially seem like a staged history lesson, captivates the interest effortlessly.

Margolyes’ storytelling skills are one of a kind and strengthened by her obvious passion and knowledge for all things Dickens related.

All 23 characters that she portrays range in extreme, showcasing her acting 

She even steps out of her characters to give her own interpretation of Dickens’ writing, which gives a personal touch that welcomes the audience’s laughter and intrigue.

In theory, the show could be played by another actress, but if so it would lose the charm and wit that Margolyes brings to the stage, for she is what makes Dickens’ Women so intriguing.

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