Theatre Review: Oldest Man in Catford

The Oldest Man in Catford. Picture: comp
The Oldest Man in Catford. Picture: comp
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THIS is a well-made play, amusing and well acted at the New Town Theatre, on George Street.

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New Town Theatre

106-year-old Reg Thorn, has strange and terrible secrets. Reg depends on his great, great granddaughter Julie for cake, conversation and sympathy. But when Julie walks out on her cheating boyfriend and turns to Reg for help. The two embark on an uneasy adventure into Reg’s murky past. Soon, Julie learns more than she ever thought possible, about Reg, herself, and about still being alive. The revelation of Reg’s life-held secret at the end of the piece should satisfy those who may have been beginning to think this was a safe play, without controversy. Entertainment with a late-revealed social conscience jerker, then. Not an earth-shaker but good entertainment, well put together.

Until 25 August