Theatre review: Princess Pumpalot

Princess Pumpalot. Picture: Comp
Princess Pumpalot. Picture: Comp
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WHAT is it about the prospect of farting that gets children of all ages excited (yes, including my husband)?

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Assembly Rooms

This 50-minute romp through a kingdom where royalty dress in medieval clothes and yet use smart phones with intelligent apps, and featuring a giraffe who speaks with a strong Australian accent certainly keeps the interest of all ages.

After a slightly slow start, the pace and the comedy picked up as the cast led us through the twists and turns of an adventure that had everyone farting along to save the kingdom from peril. My husband joyfully demonstrated his fake-farting skill to his and my son’s great delight (and my embarrassment) but, as a parent, I enjoyed this show at the Assembly Rooms just as much because of the witty, pantomime-style writing, with many throw-away lines specifically aimed at the grown-ups. Performances were strong in this ensemble cast, particularly that of the Princess’ rugby-playing servant Guffy. A great way to introduce children to the traditions of live theatre.

Until 25 August