Theatre Review: Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet. Picture: Comp
Romeo and Juliet. Picture: Comp
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SHAKESPEARE is a hard ask - even for experienced professionals and some of the performers in this EGTG production, at The Royal Scots Club, met the challenge with flying colours.

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The Royal Scots Club

Sam Gray is a convincing Romeo, his emotion echoed through his whole body and his journey well thought out. Sean Langtree, too, added great style. Christopher Barbour (Friar Laurence), Brian Thompson (Capulet) and Chris Pearson (Montague) gave clear, strong performances. Juliet, prettily played by Lauri Young, is hit by one huge emotion after another, and needs time to think and change gear. Having a sword fight with Romeo perhaps encouraged her to be more strident than a girl of her period would be.

On the down-side, lighting and set were distracting, and one final caveat, never grab the blade of a sword with your bare hand - it destroys the illusion that it’s a killer weapon.

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