Theatre Review: Silence in Court

Silence in Court. Picture: Comp
Silence in Court. Picture: Comp
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JURY service is often avoided wherever possible, but here is your opportunity to discover what it is like to decide the guilt or innocence of the accused. Set as a realistic courtroom.

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New Town Theatre, George street.

Audience members are invited to be either a member of the public gallery, or to serve on the jury deciding what really happened on the evening of 1 March 2013 between Miss Lyons and Mr Brand. Guided throughout the trial by a Clerk of the Court, the public gallery and jury observe as complainant and defendant are cross-examined before they, along with judge and lawyers, withdraw to allow the jury-room debate to begin - a piece of theatre in itself as the arguments and opinions that ensued were thought-provoking.

The public gallery and jury are then given opportunities not typical in a court of law, but in this theatre of law, it raises the stakes, and builds to the final deliberation. A well-structured piece of immersive theatre. Don’t miss it.

Until 25 August