Theatre review: The Addams Family

The Addams Family. Pic: Comp
The Addams Family. Pic: Comp
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FIRST the good news: The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has assembled its talented performers for the Fringe. Now the bad news: they’re performing The Addams Family, a musical comedy that, when it premiered on Broadway in 2010, received mixed reviews but won audiences’ hearts.

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This production may do the same. The cast rotates, making a comprehensive review impossible, but on the strength of Saturday’s performance, it’s safe to say Chantelle Micallef Grimaud makes an unforgettable Lurch, while Martin Murphy is a game Gomez. Bethany Jeffrey stopped the show as a woman possessed.

The chorus of ancestors is worth keeping an eye on, too - there are some great comic turns happening quietly in the background.

But the show itself, goodness. The point of the Addams family is they’re creepy and kooky and altogether ‘ooky’! Not a bunch of neurotic, boring farts who happen to dress a little eccentrically and like to tango of an evening. These people aren’t weird enough. Nor should they ever acknowledge their otherness.

The story is lifted from La Cage Aux Folles, with ghouls instead of gays: young mismatched couple falls in love, but what will their parents say?

All the stars given are for the performers, who did yeoman-like work under difficult circumstances and with duff material.

Until 25 August