Theatre review: The Adventure, Pleasance Courtyard

The Adventure. Picture: comp
The Adventure. Picture: comp
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MANY children’s shows claim they are interactive, but The Adventure at Pleasance Courtyard defines it as the children forget they are in a show and become completely focused on solving the mystery.

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Having witnessed the kidnap of their father (a famous scientist), two teenagers and their friend ask everyone to help them.

This is how a group of children and adults and an incompetent clown end up in an abandoned building hiding from security guards, cracking combination locks, solving coded messages, following trails of blood and narrowly escaping the baddies.

As a parent, I loved watching my 10-year-old in the thick of it. As a teacher, I appreciated the inclusion of educational elements and the performers’ encouragement of the children. As a theatre maker I truly loved this well-orchestrated, site-specific, immersive theatre piece.

Until 25 August