Theatre Review: The Hard Man

The Hard Man. Pic: Comp
The Hard Man. Pic: Comp
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THE newly established In Your Face Theatre group, aims to bring cutting-edge storytelling to a whole new level.

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The Wee Red Bar

Transforming The Wee Red Bar of the College Of Art into one of Glasgow’s roughest boozers, they do a good job at creating an unpleasant atmosphere even before you take your seat.

As barmaids and regular punters dish out sharp glares, you can feel the tension building.

Despite its effective use of space, this production unfortunately, brings nothing new to the table.

The biggest problem is the unimaginative script. With a run time of two hours, there are a lot of unnecessary characters, violence and nudity that have no connection to the main story whatsoever. As well as this, the script isn’t as hard-hitting or clever as it thinks is and all becomes too tediously predictable.

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