Theatre review: The Man In The Moone

The Man in the Moone. Pic: Comp
The Man in the Moone. Pic: Comp
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NOTHING can stop the power of the imagination when it comes to space travel, but you’ll possibly be considered a lunatic as well.

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Pleasance Courtyard

Founded in Paris, Rhum And Clay theatre group have taken inspiration from the likes of Galileo, Frances Godwin and the 1960s space race to construct a touching story of one man and his desire to delve into the unknown.

Toying with so many space themed ideas and theories, the script comes across as fairly basic and occasionally rushed.

With most of the performance told through shadow puppetry and arm flailing dance numbers, these surreal moments make certain scenes feel disjointed and confusing. However, what the plot lacks is made up for by the performers and their wonderfully unique characters. With a preacher, an explorer and a spaceman accompanying our protagonist on his ‘impossible’ journey, this unlikely band of misfits demonstrates the eccentricity of this theatre company. A charmingly funny and heartfelt story at Pleasance Courtyard.

Until Sunday