Theatre Review: This Life Chose Me

Katie Wimbert. Pic: Comp
Katie Wimbert. Pic: Comp
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KATIE Wilbert’s concept of a one- woman ninja musical at The Space, North Bridge, is certainly compelling and thoroughly deserves further exploration. Where it falls down is in its under-development. Ends tomorrow

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The Space, North Bridge

The character feels first draft, an outline you’d write as a background before building a show around them.

The audience find themselves in a Ninja Academy where participation is a requirement, from singing the Ninja anthem to coming up with a new Ninja name. Yet Wilbert is so focused on telling the back-story of her character that she misses the chance to mine the situation for its own comedy - her humour is tailored to an American Saturday Night Live sensibility which can be hit and miss in the UK.

At 23, Wilbert’s problems are due to inexperience; with a punchier, less verbose script and by focusing characters in the moment she could really develop something rather engaging.