Theatre review: Thread; Assembly St Mark’s

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There are many ways you can define identity. Nutshell Theatre Company brings this highly charged drama examining the complexities of sexuality, relationships and dementia and how these can inform who we are and how we live our lives.

Starting with a beetle drive, we are welcomed into the memories of Izzy (Mary Gapinski) and William (Stephen Docherty) as they reflect on the life of Joan (Claire Dargo), William’s late wife and Izzy’s best friend.

There’s a seamless transition between time periods, the sharp direction and actors physicality being enough to denote changes.

Jules Horne’s text is sophisticated and mature, brought to life by Kate Nelson’s staging. The power-play between characters is realised subtly, but with clear definition. Tension is stretched, squeezed and moulded into a compelling drama that will take you from a green door, down a long path into 50s Burntisland and a love story that defines the identity of all three involved.

Rating: * * * *

• Until August 26