Tom Stade’s Top 5 unusual Fringe haunts

Tom Stade. Pic: Comp
Tom Stade. Pic: Comp
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Tom Stade is appearing at the Assembly Rooms on George Street, and here he lists his haunts during the Fringe.

1: Franco’s in Stockbridge because pizza should never be more than £20. I don’t care if there is cheese in the crust with dip that never lasts the whole pizza. After a great night about town and all I have in my pocket is £7, Franco’s delivers a £20 pizza for £7. Nice one Franco’s.

2: Scran and Scallie, for when I’ve won a load of dough at the bookies - which is very rare. Damn you ,bookies. It’s definitely a place to treat yourself. I believe the word is ‘Michelin’ people.

3: When I need my hair to look fab (it just doesn’t happen naturally), I go to the greatest hair dresser ever which is Kim McGregor Hair. You ask for Mike. He’s won hair competitions in Poland, don’t you know.

4: Hector’s Bar. Spent many an afternoon solving many of the world’s problems and after a couple of pints it gets easier. These world leaders must be dumb because at Hector’s it only took three hours to sort out Russia and the Ukraine. Did you hear that Putin? THREE HOURS!

5: On the final leg of the Tom Stade magical mystery Edinburgh tour you need to go to The Stand Comedy Club. It is the place I go where everybody knows my name. I love just letting someone else make me laugh. Because sometimes, in this world, it’s nice to retreat from my own problems for just a few hours. Although, when you return it’s given your problems time to grow. Guess I need to get back to Hector’s.

Tom Stade: Decision’s Decisions, Assembly Rooms, George Street, until 25 August, 8.55pm, £15, 0131-226 0000