TV Heaven: The Battle of Britain

Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty. Pic: C5
Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty. Pic: C5
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Loch Ness Monster: The Missing Evidence (Channel 5, 8pm)

TALES of the monster lurking in the water in Loch Ness go back 1500 years, but the legend has been truly taken into people’s hearts over the last century. This documentary conducts a detailed exploration of the legend, with modern forensic technology re-examining well-known photos and footage.


Imagine - The One And Only Mike Leigh (BBC One, 10.35pm)

AN in-depth look at one of the most respected British film-makers of his generation. Here, Leigh opens up as never before, and naturally there are plenty of mentions of Mr Turner, which landed Tim Spall the Best Actor Award at Cannes, and looks like being a shoo-in for Baftas next year.


Waterloo Road

(BBC One, 8pm)

IN tonight’s visit to the school, Floyd confronts Tiffany and Justin about their relationship, which soon results in a fight between the two lads, leaving Tiffany worried that her brother is about to spill the beans to Vaughan and Allie.

Meanwhile, the police descend on Waterloo Road after Kevin’s computer hacking is traced back to the school, meaning there’s a major security risk.


Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty (Channel 5, 9pm)

THEY may have ruled England and much of France during the Middle Ages, but in TV terms at least, for a long time it looked like the Plantagenets had been eclipsed by the Tudors.

However, that’s all changing this year, as the Plantagenets have started to take the upper hand in the battle of the historical royal houses. Now they take centre stage in Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty.

Presenter and historian Dan Jones uses a combination of Jones’s storytelling and dramatic reconstructions to look at how raw human emotions such as ambition, jealousy, hatred and revenge helped to shape a nation.


The Martin Lewis Money Show (STV, 8pm)

FINANCIAL journalist Martin Lewis has been frequenting our screens for years now, giving insider tips on how we can further tighten our purse-strings during these hard-up times.

So it’ is with open arms and loud cheers that we welcome him back.

The series kicks off on what has become known via the United States as ‘Black Friday’, the date marking the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. But if you’re already fretting because you don’t even know where to start when it comes to present-buying this year, Martin will be listing all the essential deals that you expect to find in stores and online.


Atlantis (BBC One, 8.15pm)

ARIADNE is formally crowned Queen but with Pasiphae (Sarah Parish) still at large and the city struggling in the aftermath of battle, Atlantis remains vulnerable. So when an enigmatic stranger arrives offering salvation, he proves hard to resist. But his proposal is far from straightforward – will the cost be too much for Ariadne to bear?


Rememeber Me (BBC One, 9pm)

CARE assistant Hannah Ward goes to visit the strange old man Tom Parfitt in hospital, and is shocked to learn that he has escaped.

Det Sgt Rob Fairholme is now conducting a Missing Person enquiry. Hannah pleads with him to search in Scarborough. She is haunted by the old folk songs she found in Tom’s house and by eerie recurring dreams of the sea, but Rob is unconvinced by Hannah’s hunch.