TV Preview: Doc Martin, STV, 9pm

Doc Martin. Pic ITV
Doc Martin. Pic ITV
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While many of us still think Martin Clunes looks out of place if he’s not lounging around in his underpants, drinking beer and doing his best Homer Simpson impression, he’s certainly made a good go of serious dramas.

Clunes’ Men Behaving Badly days are behind him, but we do have a sixth series of Doc Martin.

As we catch up with the grumpy doctor, it looks like marriage is on the cards for him and Louisa (played by Caroline Catz). However, there are no shortage of problems, including PC Penhale, who wrongly assumes he is best man, and Louisa, who is running late.

Though the Reverend has his doubts as to whether she will turn up, when she does, hearts melt and at last they tie the knot.

We might have known Martin might struggle to keep a smile on his face for so long, even on what should be the happiest day of his life, and, sure enough, the reception proves irritating for him as swarms of villagers have turned up to celebrate; he thought it was going to be a small wedding.

Louisa is delighted so many have come to wish them well, and when she and her new husband try to sneak off early from the party, Bert reveals he is driving them to a secret location for their wedding night. Louisa might think Martin has arranged the surprise, but it’s the villagers’ gift on their big day. Located in the middle of nowhere, the honeymoon lodge seems perfect. Alas, Bert accidentally drives off with their suitcases, and a blocked chimney only adds to their woes.

But Clunes is convinced that a wedding was the right way to go for the couple, who last series welcomed their son into the world.

The actor says: “At the end of the last series there was a genuine resolve from them to make their relationship and family life work, and in the gap between then and the start of the new series they have decided to get married.

“It is as scary as any marriage is on the day, but seems the right thing to do. There are incidents on the honeymoon, but they emerge from all that drama unscathed as a couple. The challenge this series is to make them live together and to get on in whatever way they can, or can’t.

“The day we filmed the wedding was freezing, in a freezing cold church. I have never known it that cold. It was meant to be summer, with everyone dressed skimpily. We went on to film three nights in the woods, which was even colder.”

Ah, the pitfalls of being an actor.