TV Preview: Long Lost Family

Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell. Picture: ITV
Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell. Picture: ITV
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For once, it looked as if the Long Lost Family team had been beaten by the story of Sharon Temple-Sowerby.

STV, 9pm

Now 50, and a mother of two, she was handed over to a childless couple as a baby, but never formally adopted. She grew up happy and loved, and enjoys a strong bond with Elizabeth, the woman she regards as her mother.

But Sharon always wanted to find Ann, the woman who gave birth to her, particularly because she felt that Ann had loved her and wanted to raise her - but difficult circumstances had prevented it.

“I feel she must have wanted me,” says Sharon. “She must have loved me... Her heart wanted me, her head couldn’t keep me because she didn’t have any money.

“I need to look in her eyes and say, ‘I know you love me, I know you did’.” Elizabeth is supporting Sharon’s attempts to find Ann, but because no adoption took place, there’s a lack of official paperwork to help them. For once, it seems that Davina McCall and co have drawn a complete blank - until they find evidence that proves Sharon has a brother called Adrian.

The siblings meet, and any doubts about their close blood relationship quickly evaporate. “He looks like me doesn’t he?” laughs Sharon. “It’s so weird after all these years, just looking at a link.”

Adrian was formally adopted, so there are documents available that could reveal more about their birth mother - but, after all these years, will the trio be reunited? Will Ann be keen to see the children she gave away?

This is the penultimate episode of the series and it’s hard to imagine next week’s finale being more emotional than this one.