TV preview: Richard III: The King In The Car Park

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The search for the final resting place of Richard III, killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.

Richard III: The King In The Car Park

Channel 4, 9pm

He was buried in Greyfriar’s Church in Leicester, but in the centuries that followed, the building was demolished and its exact location lost to history, until 2012 when archaeologists worked out that Greyfriar’s stood on the site of what is now a council car park. Investigations turned up a male body...

The Year Of Making Love

BBC3, 9pm

In the first experiment of its kind, the science behind finding love is itself put under the microscope. It begins with three experts employing the types of compatibility tests used by online dating agencies and other match-making services to create new ‘couples.’ Once they have paired up, the cameras follow the ups and downs of the relationships over the course of a year. The idea is to see if matchmaking really works. Cherry Healey presents.

Storyville: Death On The Staircase - The Last Chance

BBC4, 10pm

In 2005, The Staircase followed the intriguing case of Kathleen Peterson, who was found dead in her North Carolina home in 2001. Her husband, Michael, claimed her death was the result of an accidental fall down the stairs, but prosecutors believed differently,and he was eventually convicted of her death. Oscar-winning director Jean-Xavier de Lestrade’s gripping follow-up returns to the case as he follows Peterson’s appeal.

Being Eileen

BBC1, 10.35pm

In December 2011, the BBC screened Lapland, which starred Sue Johnston as Eileen Lewis, a recently widowed woman. It went down so well, it’s now been brought back for a six-part series. Lapland ended with Eileen vowing that despite her grief, she was going to make the most out of life.

Unfortunately, she’s about to discover that there’s less inspiration to seize the moment back home in Birkenhead than there was under the northern lights.