TV preview: River City’s Detective Donald’s in the dock at Shieldinch

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THIS week in Shieldinch... DCI Donald regrets his pact with Lenny; Christina’s secret might be hard to keep; and Gabriel tries to put his past behind him.

Push comes to shove for River City’s favourite copper next Tuesday... read on if you don’t mind spoilers.

DCI Donald is caught between a rock and a hard place. He is getting good information from Lenny about jobs being done – but when one of Lenny’s own men gets arrested, Donald is forced to let him go.

When Superintendent Cole turns up, more pressure is heaped on Donald - she wants to know why the station has been doing so well recently and starts to look through old files, including Sean Kennedy’s.

Things get worse still for the copper when Donald realises his actions have put one of his own men in danger.

Meanwhile, Christina is excited that Alice is coming round to the flat - everyone else is out. Just as they are getting comfortable, Raymond walks in with a prospective buyer for the property.

Christina jumps up and Alice is offended that she should be so scared of anyone finding out about them.

However, the pair soon make up, just in time for Christina to receive a picture message on her phone of her kiss with Nicole at the party. It looks like someone might spill the beans.

Elsewhere, Gabriel pays Leyla a visit to ask if he can take the boys out after school. He is happy when Leyla agrees and that the boys are keen to go.

When Lenny later offers Gabriel a lot of money to do a job for him, Gabriel has some serious thinking to do as to whether he remains on the straight and narrow.

• River City, BBC One Scotland, Tuesday, 8pm