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IT’S New Year’s Eve, but the residents of Walford don’t need to wonder what the future holds for them - Phil Mitchell has it all mapped out.

The garage owner informs Jack that by December 2013, he’ll have won Sharon back. Jack is so rattled he ends up proposing to Sharon in a decidedly unromantic, offhand way, unaware that his love rival is going to pop the question too, complete with a ring.

Elsewhere, the Brannings have mixed feelings as they prepare for Derek’s funeral, especially as Carol gets an unwelcome reminder of her brother’s spiteful, manipulative side.

Lucy spots Joey and Lauren kissing, Bianca worries about what Liam’s getting himself into, and Roxy moves into the Vic.


IT’S a stressful time for Tyrone as Fiz is rushed to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning because of the dodgy boiler he fixed for her, all of which could expose his fling to the loathsome Kirsty.

Following the dramatic events of their wedding day, Leanne is determined to show Nick he is the man she loves, not Peter, while the Bistro owner attempts to keep her at arm’s length.

Carla suspects someone cooked the books at Underworld, leading to the business’ low valuation. Though Michelle starts to panic, Rob insists they can get away with it if they keep cool, but Carla appears like she’ll see through their scheme, leaving the knicker factory’s fate hanging by a thread.


JAI is desperate to play the doting new dad to little Archie, but as he can’t spend too much time at the hospital without attracting suspicion, it’s Sam who’s bonding with the new baby.

Feeling jealous, Jai vents his frustrations to Rachel, and she tells him she’s getting sick of him and Rishi telling her what to do – which comes as news to the factory boss, who wasn’t aware his dad had been interfering.

He rushes back to the village to confront Rishi, and Charity is shocked to walk in on her husband pinning his dad up against the wall.

Elsewhere, Cain hijacks Moira’s date with Dom, announcing he’s finally ready for them to go public as a couple, and Katie realises Declan is more upset about her infertility than he’s letting on.


WHILE Cheryl’s heart is usually in the right place when she meddles, she can be about as subtle as a brick. So it’s a safe bet that she won’t be in Brendan’s good books this week when she arranges another tete-a-tete between her brother and Seamus.

She arranges lunch and again invites their dad along without Brendan knowing, determined to get the men on amicable terms.

Cheryl’s happy when they shake hands – even after Seamus finds out his son’s gay – but this is Brendan Brady we’re talking about; does he have a more sinister plan up his sleeve?

Elsewhere, Leanne wakes up to a shocking discovery, and Ruby’s harassment of Esther reaches new heights.