TV preview: The 50 Funniest Moments Of 2012

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WELL. That was quite the year we’ve just had, wasn’t it? Asides from the obvious main events, which have garnered a great deal of media attention – such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Euro 2012 and the Olympics – there have been all manner of bizarre, surprising and downright weird stories from the worlds of news, sport, politics and entertainment.

THE 50 FUNNIEST MOMENTS OF 2012 (Channel 4, 9pm)

As the number of topical comedy panel shows will attest to, there’s also been no shortage of hilarious moments worth lampooning – and with this comprehensive countdown, Channel 4 is bringing us the lot. Or 50 of the best, at least.

Whether it’s Boris Johnson dangling from a zip wire while celebrating Team GB’s first Olympic gold, or South Korean rapper and music producer Psy teaching the world to dance Gangnam Style in his phenomenally popular music video, there has been no end of comical highlights for the producers of this fabulous show to choose from.

A veritable wealth of famous faces also pops up to offer some unique views on the events of the year, including singer, television presenter and reality TV star Stacey Solomon, writer and comedian Russell Kane, stand-up comedian Rob Beckett and Canadian comic Katherine Ryan. With such an emphasis on comedy performers, you can expect to be nursing some aching sides by the time the two-hour special draws to a close.

The best thing about it is, when they’re off stage and away from their prepared material on shows such as these, you really get the impression that these masters of mirth are just being themselves – and it’s hilarious.

Yes, there really is nothing like a good countdown show to round off the year, so as we look forward to welcoming in 2013, this is the perfect way to look back on what has been, quite frankly, a preposterous 12 months.

Best of the rest


Channel 4, 8pm

If you’re not feeling too delicate after stuffing yourself at Christmas, Jimmy is on the hunt for a more sustainable alternative to fish and chips – which is where the jellyfish and snails come in. He’s also rustled up a squirrel pie.

On a slightly more traditional note, Jimmy and Jamie are championing Britain’s new generation of artisan beer makers.


BBC Two, 9pm

It didn’t take a genius to realise if you put a couple of famous faces in a car and send them off to traverse some white-knuckle route, the result would be great TV. The latest drivers are Twenty Twelve co-stars Hugh Bonneville and Jessica Hynes. Hugh has a few moments of high anxiety when they are stuck on a high mountain pass in bad weather.


STV, 9pm

SOMETIMES the simplest ideas turn out to be the best. Take It’ll Be Alright on the Night, presented by Griff Rhys Jones. It is simply a selection of mistakes made by actors and presenters. They’ve been captured on film making what former host Denis Norden would describe as a “cock-up”, cut together by an editing team and then delivered to our screens for our amusement.


BBC Four, 9pm

Mark Radcliffe is counting down the top 10 songs of all time, not in terms of how many copies they sold or a viewers’ vote, but judged on how much money they’ve earned.

As well as totting up the cold, hard cash, the DJ will be also be looking at the stories behind the songs.