TV Preview: Under The Dome, Five, 10pm

Britt Robertson. Pic: Comp
Britt Robertson. Pic: Comp
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Imagine waking up one morning to find that the town in which you live has been completely covered by an impenetrable, but semi-permeable, dome.

Suddenly, you would be cut off from the world and possibly your loved ones. What’s more, nobody knows how the dome came to be, where it originated, or its purpose.

That’s what has happened to the residents of Chester’s Mill, the small US town at the centre of this 13-part sci-fi drama.

In this week’s episode, as the population attempt to come to terms with their plight.

Police chief Duke Perkins is dead, which leaves Chester’s Mill without a natural leader - until councillor Big Jim Rennie decides he’s the man capable of stepping into the breach. On the surface he appears to be a caring guy, keen to make sure the town’s old folk are looked after, but what nobody else realises is that he and Reverend Lester Coggins are secretly stockpiling propane.

And when Coggins becomes trapped in a burning building, with no fire brigade inside the dome to help, Big Jim seems only too keen to leave him to die...

Meanwhile, Joe and his friend Ben try to work out how big the dome is and whether or not there’s a way through, and Junior follows Barbie in his search for a cabin in the forest.

There’s a lot to keep up with (well, we are watching the work of a Lost writer, after all), but Dean Norris, who plays Big Jim Rennie, insists he loves playing such a multi-layered character.

He explained to The Huffington Post: “Big Jim, he’s a great character. He loves his town, but I think he’s probably, at some level, psychopathic. He likes to be in charge.

“He’s fun because ... he’s the only one that interacts with every other character. They have their own things, the groupings and people that interact, but Big Jim interacts with all of them and he interacts differently with all of them because he has a different personality.

“He’s lizard-like in his strategy; he’s amoral. I don’t know if he’s immoral, but he’s amoral. He’s a “The ends justify the means, keep the trains running,” kind of guy.”

Whatever your thoughts about Under the Dome, there’s still plenty more to go at, so don’t make up your minds just yet...