TV Review: Frozen Planet

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BBC One, 9pm, last night

HE might be 85, but Sir David Attenborough is still jetting around the planet doing his bit for the natural world and reputation of the BBC.

Nothing represents the national broadcaster quite like its nature programmes, and with the Attenborough stamp of quality they can guarantee committed audiences.

In this latest epic series he explores life at the two frozen poles of the planet and last night was out in a blizzard. No phoned-in performance from the king of nature documentaries, particularly when it’s somewhere so close to his heart as the endangered ice caps.

This was a mixture of stunning footage, bobbing killer whales, mist-shrouded flocks of gulls around an icecap, and shadowy polar bears trekking through a storm.

The camera teams have again found some incredible sights, including an azure river running across an ice sheet, the birth of a gigantic iceberg and the world’s largest gathering of sea-birds being disrupted by some hungry humpback whales.

Most impressive was the footage of a pack of wolves hunting bison through an icy forest.