TV Review: Frozen Planet

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BBC one, 9pm, last night

WITH Christmas just around the corner there must be more than a few people already thinking that Frozen Planet could be the ideal present for that special someone.

Last night was another slice of the majesty that is planet Earth, at least when seen through the lenses of the BBC’s natural history department.

This episode was all about spring, a nice time for us but the deadliest season for the frozen wastelands, a time when the ice begins to thaw and the penguins come out to play.

The way they waddle towards the camera it almost looks like the natural world equivalent of auditioning for the X Factor and only the cutest comedy penguins make the cut here for the demonstrations of pebble gathering, pebble stealing nest building and deadly frozen hurricane storm survival.

Spring also brings the thaw of frozen ice damns and rising freshwater rivers, though as always it was not a good time to be a seal, as hungry polar bears with hungry cubs looked for something cute and wide-eyed to snack on.