TV review: The Million Pound Drop Live

Davina McCall presents The Million Pound Drop. Picture: Contributed
Davina McCall presents The Million Pound Drop. Picture: Contributed
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Davina McCall has helmed this series since its inception in 2010, and is responsible for a good deal of its success. The Million Pound Drop stands apart from other quiz shows because it is broadcast live - enabling the questions to be up-to-the-minute, and allowing members of the public to play along at home, online or via the mobile app.

The Million Pound Drop Live

Channel 4


Over the course of her Big Brother tenure, McCall has more than proved herself in the arena of live broadcasting, and her ability to hold things together is admirable.

This time there’s a change to the regular format to keep her on her toes. The basics are the same, however - pairs of contestants are given a million pounds.Before they can leave with their money, they are presented with a series of questions and must place their money on trapdoors corresponding to the answers. Incorrect answers cause their cash to tumble away, so it’s crucial to know when to hedge one’s bets.

In this series the contestants face only seven questions instead of eight - although they’re a bit tougher to make up for it. And if anyone has cash left at the end, they’re faced with a final dilemma: they can take the money and run, or face one final, fiendish question which will allow them to double their winnings - or lose everything.

With 12 episodes over the next six weekends, there’s going to be many millions sliding down the chute, and plenty of opportunities for celebrities to test their knowledge for charities as well.