TV Soap Watch: Denise digs up clues in allotment

Denise (Diane Parish)  is horrified by what she finds in Patrick's allotment. Pic: BBC/Jack Barnes
Denise (Diane Parish) is horrified by what she finds in Patrick's allotment. Pic: BBC/Jack Barnes
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eastenders (BBC ONE)

PATRICK’S allotment has been badly neglected since he had his stroke, but Denise Fox (Diane Parish, pictured) finally ventures there this week, and makes a couple of surprising discoveries.

Not only is there a bumper crop of vegetables - meaning she can take a break from stealing food from the Minute Mart - but she also uncovers Lucy’s phone and purse.

And if Denise thinks she’s shocked by her findings, she should see the effect it has on Jay and Ben...


STEVE is diagnosed with depression so the doctor suggests psychotherapy, but he refuses to tell his family about his condition, which compounds the problem.

In fact the only thing that seems to interest him is his car, and Tyrone is amazed when he gets the green light to carry out £2k-worth of repairs - more than the motor is worth.


SO much for Pete being the ‘sensible’ Barton brother, as this week he’s arrested for manslaughter.

He’s afraid he’ll lose everything - including Debbie - but he’s handed a possible reprieve when DI Bail suddenly announces his court date has been postponed and a deal could be struck. Is Pete desperate enough to take it?



PERHAPS it’s wishful thinking to hope that a Hollyoaks wedding could actually go ahead with a genuinely happy ending.

We’ll soon find out, as Diane and Tony prepare to take their vows - however, with the groom still harbouring feelings for his step-daughter, it doesn’t look very good.

Sinead’s on edge because Esther has worked out her latest secret, while Diane suspects Tony is up to his old tricks when she spies him with another woman at The Hutch. Will his and Sinead’s affair remain secret for much longer?


RICKY is curious when Brax arrives home, pulls her into a passionate embrace and won’t stop telling her how much he loves her. Her suspicions are raised further when she asks why he’s being so sentimental and he fobs her off.

What she doesn’t realise is that he and Andy are about to head off to find Jake and take revenge for him murdering Casey, and in the morning, she wakes to an empty flat.



GEORGIA and Kyle confront Sheila about meeting Kyle?s father, Gary, who has chosen not to be a part of his life. Sparks fly with Georgia and her father-in-law in her bid to change his mind.

Elsewhere, Rain supports a stressed Amber, and fearing they may have judged her too quickly, Daniel and Amber agree to help her set up the community of New Eden.

they pinch Elvis, Karl’s new pig sculpture.