TV This week: Musketeers| Mary Portas

The Musketeers,  D'Artagnan (LUKE PASQUALINO), Louise (PERDITA WEEKS), Aramis (SANTIAGO CABRERA Pic:  BBC
The Musketeers, D'Artagnan (LUKE PASQUALINO), Louise (PERDITA WEEKS), Aramis (SANTIAGO CABRERA Pic: BBC
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NHS: £2Billion A Week And Counting (Channel 4, 9pm)

WE have one of the greatest healthcare systems in the world, however, in just over a decade’s time, there is expected to be a £30billion-plus funding gap in the NHS.

This new interactive series challenges viewers to put themselves in the position of doctors, managers and other health professionals as they try to determine where to allocate scarce resources. Episode one considers liver transplants for alcoholics, cosmetic surgery and dementia.


Mary Portas: Secret Shopper (Channel 4, 8pm)

MARY Portas could never be accused of being shy of hard work. So if it’s business acumen you need, she’s your go-to person - which is just as well for the firms featured in this four-part series.

Mary is going to eradicate poor service altogether within the businesses she’s about to work with, beginning in Burnham, near Slough, at local convenience store Hallmark Foods.

This family business is struggling, with profits falling and customers choosing to shop elsewhere.


The People’s Strictly For Comic Relief (BBC One, 9pm)

LAST year, viewers were asked to nominate someone who they thought deserved the chance to trip the light fantastic. Out of the thousands of names put forward, six inspirational people were ultimately chosen, all of whom have worked selflessly to improve the lives of others.

Over the next four weeks, we’ll see them learn to dance and perform a routine, culminating in one of them being crowned a champion as part of Comic Relief, but in this opening edition we start by meeting three of the remarkable contestants.


Death In Paradise (BBC One, 9pm)

ITSs the last in the current series and there’s no shortage of problems for Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman, Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey and Officer Dwayne Myers, among others.

They investigate the shooting of a murder suspect, and there are plenty of potential culprits; his angry wife and vengeful brother are high on the list.

At the time of the killing, the victim was in police custody, behind three locked doors guarded by Dwayne and JP.

So how did the shooter manage to slip through undetected?


The Musketeers (BBC One, 9pm)

THE characters will need to pull together even more than usual this week when they’re ordered to escort Princess Louise, the king’s cousin, to Sweden for a politically beneficial marriage.

Sadly, they’re ambushed en route, and it becomes clear that somebody wants to stop the ceremony taking place. The Musketeers must find out who and why fast, before they can strike again - perhaps at other Court figures. But is the villain already inside the Palace walls?


How We Got To Now with Steve Johnston: Light (BBC Two, 7.30pm)

BEST-selling author Steven Johnson investigates the story of the ‘lightbulb’ moment when Thomas Edison made his historic invention. Edison borrowed ideas from others, oversold his success and spend months trying to find the answer to a long lasting bulb.


Call The Midwife (BBC One, 8pm)

A water shortage means the Maternity Home is busier than ever. Two old school friends, Shirley and Marion, are reunited. Both are pregnant with their first child but are now worlds apart. Marion shuns Shirley’s attempts at renewing their friendship brought together later in the most unexpected way.