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Peter Kay's Car Share
Peter Kay's Car Share
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Who Will Win The Election? Panorama (BBC One, 8.30pm)

AMERICAN statistician Nate Silver shot to fame by correctly predicting the outcome of the past two US presidential elections, state by state. Now he arrives in the UK, where reporter Richard Bacon takes him on a road trip around the country. With just 10 days before polling day in one of the most uncertain British elections in decades, can Nate forecast which way it will go?


Kirstie and Phil’s Love It Or List It (Channel 4, 8pm)

IN 2008, Canadian TV launched Love It or List It, a home makeover show in which a designer revamped a property in the hope of making its owners fall in love with it again.

If they did, great, but if they still felt it didn’t meet their requirements, they would put it on the market, guided by an estate agent.

The format is about to make its debut in the UK, and who better to host it than Channel 4’s property gurus, Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer?


Peter Kay’s Car Share (BBC One, 9.30pm)

PETER Kay is back! Similar in tone to the That Peter Kay Thing, with a soupcon of Phoenix Nights thrown in for good measure - this is a sitcom based around characters thrown together by their jobs.

Kay stars as John, a supermarket worker who begins commuting with colleague Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) thanks to a company car-share initiative.


The Game (BBC Two, 9pm)

IT’S London, 1972. The Cold War is in full swing, and Soviet spies could be waiting around every corner.

A defecting KGB officer reveals his former masters are planning something shocking known as Operation Glass, so in response, the charismatic head of MI5 assembles the best brains he can muster to counteract the threat.

Meanwhile, Soviet sleeper agents awaken, ready to act...Starring Tom Hughes at Joe Lambe and Brian Cox as MI5 boss Daddy


The Clare Balding Show (BBC Two, 10pm)

FOLLOWING in one’s father’s footsteps can sometimes seem like a rather daunting prospect, as the pressure to live up to the old man’s achievements can weigh rather heavily. When the particular career path in question also happens to involve being punched in the face - repeatedly - it would be understandable should the offspring in question elect to pursue a wholly different career path.

Here Chris Eubank and Chris Eubank Jr talk to Clare Balding about their respective lives in boxing.


Atlantis (BBC One, 7.45pm)

THE Oracle’s prophecy has come true: the news that Pasiphae is his mother has blackened Jason’s heart and he bears little resemblance to the man we knew and loved.

His attitude is reckless and foolhardy and he no longer seems to care about anyone or anything, even Ariadne.

Desperate to save his friend, Pythagoras sets off in search of help. But he soon discovers that not everyone is as keen to protect Jason as he is...


Tatau (BBC Three, 10pm)

ON the mainland, it’s not long before the trail of trouble that Kyle and Budgie have left behind catches up with them.

When Budgie goes missing, Kyle finds out how just much trouble his friend is in and seeks help from the last person he wants to - leading to a devastating conclusion.