TV This Week: The Island| Atlantis

The Island, with Bear Grylls. Picture: PA
The Island, with Bear Grylls. Picture: PA
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Your pick of this week’s TV


Travel Man: 48 Hours In Istanbul (Channel 4, 8.30pm)

RICHARD Ayoade is joined by comedian Adam Hills on a visit to Istanbul. They go on to take in an authentic Turkish shave at a local barber shop, but get a shock when it’s a lot closer than they expected, and share an awkward moment at a Turkish bath and massage parlour. Plus, they head to the Grand Bazaar market and have a go at haggling.


Dara and Ed’s Great Big Adventure (BBC Two, 11.50pm)

IT’S a format which has already been done to death (see above) - in which comedian-friends present a witty travelogue from a far-flung location.

In the final episode, Dara and Ed travel south through the mountains of Costa Rica to Panama, making various unexpected stops along the way, before encountering the famous Cerro de la Muerte, or ‘the Mountain of Death’.


The Island With Bear Grylls (Channel 4, 9pm)

IF you managed to catch the first series of The Island, this one is slightly different in that it’s not only men involved. Grylls is being rather brave - and pitting the men against the women...

In the first instalment, the men get a shock to the system, and as they contend with tropical storms, it’s not long before tensions rise, and, less than a week in, the rows begin...


The Hotel Inspector (Channel 5, 9pm)

SAY what you like about Alex Polizzi, she’s patient if nothing else. She’s stuck at her inspecting duties for a whopping 11 series now, and she shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

In the first episode of the new series, Alex is in Cornwall, at 16-bedroom hotel, the Fieldhead in Looe, which is run by Julian and Gill Peck. She quickly realises that old-fashioned values are likely to be the cause of the plunging occupancy rates, and with a barely comprehensive booking system and an unrealistic work-life balance, the business and the couple’s home life are at risk...


Slow Train Through Africa with Griff Rhys Jones (STV, 9pm)

GRIFF Rhys Jones embarks on an epic trip around Africa by train.

During his journey, Griff will travel through Algeria, Tunisia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa - it’s a 17,000-mile journey that begins in the Moroccan city of Marrakech.

Look out for his seven-hour expedition to the city of Fes, during which sets about making friends in the hope that they will help him pass the time.


Atlantis (BBC One, 7.45pm)

WHEN news reaches Pasiphae of Ariadne and Jason’s impending marriage, she is terrified that Atlantis will be lost to her forever, and resolves to do all she can to stop the union, no matter the cost. But Pasiphae’s pursuit of power has far-reaching and devastating consequences, and as the battle for Atlantis continues, it seems none is immune to her touch.


Tatau (BBC Three, 10pm)

A PAIR of 20-something friends, Kyle Connor and Paul ‘Budgie’ Griffiths are travelling the world looking for sun, fun and adventure.

Excited about their eventual destination - the Cook Islands - Kyle has designed and had inked on him a Maori-style tattoo. But when they arrive on the beautiful South Pacific island of Manutaki his marking soon provokes unexpected reactions from the locals.

The two throw themselves in to island life, but their fun comes to an abrupt end when, while snorkelling in a lagoon, Kyle finds the body of local girl Aumea tied up underwater - dead.