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Your pick of this week’s TV.


The Night Bus (Channel 4, 10pm)

VIEWERS alight the Night Bus for one final time, as the series draws to a close. Tonight, one unlucky passenger is devastated when she has her phone stolen while on board.


Festivals, Sex & Suspicious Parents (BBC Three, 9pm)

MUSIC festivals are predominantly the domain of the young, free and spirited, who can get away from the stresses of work, exams and prying parents and let their hair down.

In the first of this new series, two groups of youngsters plan to do just that as they head to the Frequency Festival in Austria. They include Charlie, a 19-year-old who can’t wait to cut loose at his first music festival with mates Callum and Reece.

However, Charlie’s behaviour is being closely scrutinised - by his mum. She is confident her little boy won’t do anything too irresponsible. Is she in for a nasty surprise?


Sun Trap (BBC One, 10.45pm)

Kayvan Novak is nothing if not versatile. But it’s arguably the series Fonejacker and its follow-up Facejacker that really showed off Novak’s remarkable ability to create a range of different characters and voices.

So, really, who better to take the lead role in this new sitcom about a master of disguise?

Sun Trap sees Novak as Woody, who has managed to turn his chameleon-like abilities into a career as the world’s number one undercover reporter - until his corrupt editor exposes his identity, forcing him to go on the run.


The Game (BBC Two, 9pm)

SET in London in 1972, against a background of miners’ strikes, The Game follows the team of agents as they try to uncover a highly significant Soviet plot called Operation Glass.

In tonight’s penultimate episode, a string of shocking revelations means that Wendy’s undercover mission to pose as a visiting nurse to Philip Denmoor, a one-time British bomb squad specialist who is now working with the KGB and believed to be building a bomb to be detonated in London, has become critical to the investigation.

The team are hoping the rookie agent can keep it together as she tries to get close to her target, who proves to be a tricky customer with links to not only the Soviets, but also the IRA.


Have I Got News For You (BBC One, 9pm)

THE penultimate episode of the 49th series. Andy Hamilton and Sarah Pascoe are the guests.

Team captains are, as ever, Ian Hislop and Paul Merton.


Casualty - Against The Odds (BBC One, 8.55pm)

YOUNG, talented skater Marcus is involved with a group of young lads who are up to no good in an arcade, owned by Keong.

A local skate shop owner, who recognises Marcus’s potential, witnesses him steal some money bags from the arcade. Things escalate and the shop owner rescues Marcus by calling an ambulance and giving him some much-needed advice.


Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: The Education Of A Magician (BBC One, 9pm)

JONATHAN Strange arrives in Spain, only to find that Lord Wellington has no interest in making use of him - until he summons ancient and troubling magic to fight the Napoleonic armies. Mr Norrell, meanwhile, is back in England battling to keep his secrets hidden.