Walking on Cars play Liquid Room

Walking On Cars play The Liquid Room Pic: Contributed
Walking On Cars play The Liquid Room Pic: Contributed
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IRISH five piece, Walking On Cars are now officially amongst the top selling UK-signed breakthrough acts of 2016, selling more than 170,000 albums worldwide with hit single Speeding Cars having had a whopping 30 million streams worldwide.

Their debut album Everything This Way has now gone Top 5 in seven countries and Top 20 in a further 23 on the iTunes charts, and they have had a total of 25 million streams overall online.

Now, following a summer of touring across the US and Europe, and the release of the single Two Stones, they are back on the road and heading to the Liquid Room tonight.

Hailing from the tiny coastal town Dingle in Ireland, the five piece are Patrick Sheehy on vocals, Sorcha Durham on keyboards, Dan Devane on guitars, Paul Flannery on bass and Evan Hadnett on drums.

Explaining how they got together Flannery begins, “Me, Dan and Evan were in a band from when we were about 12, at school.”

Sheehy adds, “And I was in a band with Dan’s little brother.”

Durham chips in, “My little brother was in the band as well.”

Sheehy continues, “I gave Sorcha a call, I knew she played the piano, and we just started writing together, and pretty soon we both thought, ‘We need to get some more heads in on this.’

“At the time, I was playing acoustic guitar, then Paul came in, and he was playing acoustic guitar. As was Sorcha’s brother.

“Eventually, we realised we had a problem.”

Devane takes over, “I was in Australia, working in Sydney, and they put something up on Facebook about trying to find a guitarist.

“At the time, I was thinking, ‘What do I want to do with my life?’.

“I’d decided I was coming home, so I sent Paul a message, saying I’d give it a go.”

Expect to hear the bands massive live favourite Don’t Mind Me this evening.

Walking On Cars, Liquid Room, Victoria Street, tonight, 7pm, £13.50, 0131-225 2564