What’s on: Peat Loaf| The Accelerator

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Some events fresh for the New Year.


THERE has to be more than a little irony attached to a Meatloaf (real name Michael Aday) tribute act going by the name Peat Loaf, but that’s not stopped Pete Rossi, winning the admiration of Aday himself.

Known in Europe as The Meat Loaf tribute act, Rossi has been impersonating the Bat Out of Hell singer since 1993, along the way enjoying seven years entertaining sun-seekers in Benidorm’s top venues.

“I reckon I must have performed to well on half a million holiday makers,” he says, ahead of his appearance at the Liquid Room 

Complete with seven piece band, Rossi will perform a two and a bit hour set featuring all Meatloaf’s classics. Looks like this could be one dead ringer not to miss.

Peat Loaf, Liquid Room, Victoria Street, tomorrow, 6.30pm, £14.50, 0131-225 2564


THEY call it “verballistic performance poetry” that’s “fast, ugly, furious, soft, beautiful and sweet.”

The Accelerator poetry night, begins a new year at The Canon’s Gait on the High Street, next Wednesday, with a batch of Scotland’s best performance poets, wordsmiths like Michael Pedersen, the author of Play With Me, J L Williams, who brings “a deep sensuality to her tales of love, war and the human condition,” Colin McGuire, with his high speed, comic, moral conundrums and Sam Small.

Fresh from the Sydney Writer’s festival, Skye Loneragan, completes the line-up.

Hosted by Jem Rolls and Bram Gieben.

Word is, it’s worth a look.

The Accelerator, The Canon’s Gait, High Street, Wednesday, 8.30pm, £4, 07904 703 176