Where would The Proclaimers fall down if they walked 500 miles?

How far would 500 miles take you?
How far would 500 miles take you?
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It is a question literally no-one has asked before.

But thanks to social media, we now know the answer to one of pop’s most puzzling problems - where on earth were The Proclaimers heading in their song 500 miles?

Karl Sharro @KarlreMarks, who describes himself as an “architect, satirist, and extremely bad cartoonist” has shared a map detailing exactly where 500 miles (and 500 more) would take you from Edinburgh.

And by the looks of it, Craig and Charlie Reid would have their pick of doors to fall down at across Europe as their journey could take them to the likes of northern Spain, Austria, or Poland. Throw in some water skis and they could even reach Iceland.