Event puts wiggle into lifestyle

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A MAJOR new campaign combining art and science aims to get people thinking about their health in a revolutionary way.

Launched today, the two-day event at St Andrew Square will see people invited to “fidget” as part of an interactive experience.

As a new way of helping people to understand the facts about physical activity and the way it affects health, it aims to make clear that 22 minutes of moderate movement each day – things as simple as getting up to switch channels on the TV or dancing while waiting for the kettle to boil – will make a difference to all of our health.

Created by award-winning artist Michael Pinsky, the experience fuses art with science in a series of game zones in order to explain the science behind sitting on our backsides.

Dr Wilby Williamson, who works on the project, said: “There is science behind sitting on the sofa and people in Edinburgh and beyond can improve their lifestyles by doing something as simple as wiggling.”