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WHEN Gemma Stewart went out to the cinema with friends she didn’t expect the special effects to be quite so special.

But as she sat watching the trailers, one film rolling across the screen caught her eye – and led to her getting engaged.

The 90-second clip, including a dramatic voiceover, showed the silhouette of a man jumping into a Porsche, zooming through the streets of Edinburgh and bursting through the Dominion doors before announcing the film’s title: The Proposal.

The moment was to be taken literally as her boyfriend of six years, Darren Tunesi, made his way down the cinema aisle and went down on one knee.

Darren, from Newhaven, had teamed up with local amateur filmmaker John Campbell to make the dramatic proposal video, creating a romantic moment Gemma said was “absolutely perfect”.

Through tears, Gemma, 26, added: “I couldn’t believe it, I just couldn’t take in what was happening. I’ve watched the video a hundred times now and I still can’t believe I was so slow. When I saw the trailer it took me a little while to realise it was Darren, and even then I just thought he was messing around and making me a video. It was only when the words ‘The Proposal’ came up that I really got it.

“It was absolutely perfect. I imagined that he’d propose on holiday in Greece as that’s where we met, but it was so special to have my friends all around me. I thought I was going to see Dirty Dancing.”

But it wasn’t all smooth filmmaking. Just a day before Darren was due to propose, Gemma broke her left hand.

And a few days before the trailer was to air the couple’s dog knocked Darren’s wallet on to their kitchen floor and the receipt for the ring fell out.

Darren, 31, who owns his own recruitment company, said: “That was a close one. I just told her I’d bought a Rolex watch. Her friend, Jenna, who helped me organise, told me she’d found the receipt and was suspicious, so we threw her off the scent. I had the idea to do the film after seeing an American version, as I wanted to make the proposal as special as I could. I wanted to come up with something she’d never forget and she’d love.”

Gemma added: “When I found the receipt I told Jenna that he was going to do it, so I felt a bit silly when I found out about his Rolex. I can’t believe how much effort they put in, I’m so pleased. after the proposal we had some champagne and a dance to Dirty Dancing.”

Best friend Jenna Raffaelli, 26, said: “I was sitting next to Gemma and I could see her eyes getting wider and wider as it dawned on her that it was her boyfriend up on the screen.”

The couple plan to wed in the city in August 2012.

n To watch Darren’s trailer, visit www.edinburghnews.com.