Ex-beauty salon worker switches to pampering dogs

Wendy Grady proves popular with her canine customers after another luxury treatment
Wendy Grady proves popular with her canine customers after another luxury treatment
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A DOG lover who swapped her beauty salon for a life pampering pooches has revealed she prefers her canine clients – because they give her less ruff treatment.

Wendy Grady hasn’t looked back since she traded in painting nails for clipping claws, saying: “Dogs take a telling. People don’t.”

The client list at Wendy’s Posh Pawz in Broxburn may be different, but she’s still dishing out the same sort of treatments, whether it’s filing nails or trimming a fringe, although canine coiffing doesn’t usually involve an afternoon in rollers.

Dogs appreciate a bit of TLC, particularly when Wendy gives them extra attention.

“They absolutely love it, especially when they are in the bath,” she said. “A lot of people use cold water, but I use water that’s a nice temperature.

“Sometimes they are so chilled out that they fall down in the water, they’re so relaxed.

“I like to think I pamper the pooches. I do the best I can for them. They smell gorgeous when they go away because I spray them with perfume when I’m done.”

The former beautician is barking mad for poodles, with 12 of them at home that she walks all at the same time, every day.

It was her own pack – including Crunchie, Coco, Nugget, Toffee, Bounty and Aero – which first inspired the chocolate lover’s career change.

When she bought her first poodle, her husband, Fred, was working as a confectionery salesman, so the dogs’ names were borrowed from whatever product he was transporting that week.

“I had dogs of my own that I showed at the time, and I used to have to take them down to Coldstream to have them groomed by someone else, so I was spending a fortune.

“I spoke to them about it, they invited me to come watch what they were doing, and I must have just had the knack for it, because the next thing I knew I had changed over and I was doing it myself.”

But while she may have faced some tough tasks at the beauty salon, she has a few shaggy-dog tales to tell from the last 14 years.

“When you pick up a dog, you don’t know what you’re getting. They could just need a bit of a trim, or they may not have seen a bath or a pair of scissors in months,” Wendy said.

“Sometimes you get a dog in that’s absolutely horrendous looking and matted straight through, and the owner is amazed that you can get it looking so good. They always look gorgeous when they go away.”

But when it comes to her true faithful companion, the dogs can’t lay a paw on Fred, listed on the Posh Paws website as “chief dog washer and general dog’s 

“He’s brilliant,” said Wendy. “He helps bath them for me, dry them for me, he picks them up and drops them off. He’s just brilliant.”