Ex-charity worker in police attack

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A FORMER charity worker has been fined £120 after admitting assaulting police officers at his home.

Martins Pabersz called police after a drinking session to tell them he was going to hurt someone.

Livingston Sheriff Court heard that he asked officers to “come and take him away”.

When they arrived, they found that Pabersz, from Livingston, hadn’t hurt anyone, but as they tried to reason with them he pushed both officers in the chest.

Prosecutor Katherine O’Hara said: “He was placed under arrest for police assault but he immediately folded his arms to avoid being handcuffed.

“He continued struggling violently with officers and eventually was put in 

Solicitor advocate Raymond McMenamin said Pabersz, a first offender from Latvia, was no longer working and was being supported by friends.