Ex-policeman denies assault and rape claims from his time on force

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A former police officer has pleaded not guilty to charges alleging he raped and assaulted a woman whilst he was still on the force.

Khalid Anwar, 40, appeared before judge Lord Uist at the High Court in Edinburgh yesterday on charges of rape and assault.

Mr Anwar, who lives in Balcarres Street, Morningside, is also said to have engaged in a course of conduct that placed the woman he allegedly raped in a state of fear and alarm. Prosecutors also allege that he broke data protection laws by accessing a police database to discover personal information about the alleged victim.

The story emerged following a hearing at the High Court in which Mr Anwar was represented by defence advocate Frances Connor.

It is alleged that on an occasion between April 1, 2011, and July 31, 2011, at an address in Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire, Mr Anwar raped a woman who can’t be named for legal reasons.

It has also been alleged that he carried out further rape and assaults on the same woman, seizing her on the body, restraining her and repeatedly striking her on the head and body to her injury.

The assaults are said to have taken place at locations in Tillicoultry and West Lothian.

It is also claimed that he visited an address in Tillicoultry whilst wearing his uniform and made door-to-door inquiries to obtain personal information about the woman and a male she was involved with.

It is alleged he did this when he wasn’t acting within the course of his “duties and authority” as a police officer.

Prosecutors say that he repeatedly sent threatening and abusive text messages and e-mails, and made silent and threatening phone calls to her.

It is also alleged that he indicated that he had criminal contacts for whom he had previously “discarded” drugs for and for whom he allegedly pretended not to witness crimes for whilst serving as a 

Prosecutors also allege that on various occasions between July 1, 2011 and February 5, 2012, at various locations in Scotland, he broke data protection legislation, accessing and obtaining personal information about the woman he is said to have raped from the Scottish Intelligence Database.

After hearing submissions from Mr Anwar’s defence team and prosecutors, Lord Uist ordered that the case next be called at the High Court in Glasgow in September.