Ex-policeman jailed for raping woman

Khalid Anwar was jailed at Edinburgh High Court. Picture: Bill Henry
Khalid Anwar was jailed at Edinburgh High Court. Picture: Bill Henry
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A POLICEMAN who raped a woman he met on a dating website has been jailed for four years.

Despicable Khalid Anwar, 40, was caged following a hearing at the High Court in Edinburgh.

The former police officer subjected his 44-year-old victim to a terrifying ordeal at a property in Tillicoultry, Clacks, in October 2011.

The woman - who cannot be named for legal reasons - had told an earlier hearing that she and Anwar had sex five times before the pervert attacked her.

He then sent a series of disgusting text messages to her before mounting a vicious campaign of harassment against her.

On Wednesday, judge Lady Scott heard how Anwar still maintained he was innocent of any wrong doing. She then ordered that he was to be taken into custody.

She added: “The sentence will be one of four years.”

Anwar, of Edinburgh, had been found guilty of rape at a trial at the High Court in Glasgow last month.

During proceedings the court heard about text messages that were exchanged between the pair after the attack.

One sent by her included the words: “I’m annoyed you carried on when I asked you not to...”

Anwar’s reply made reference to the woman having ‘enjoyed it but in a painful way’.

The court heard that the officer then mounted a campaign of harassment against his victim.

This included sending her a vile text message saying: “I hope you electrocute yourself and die and you lay undiscovered and your pets eat you.’

He was also said to have threatened to pin up naked pictures of her at work and on her street. During the trial, Anwar’s victim told the court how he had ‘bombarded’ her with texts and emails as part of the intimidation campaign.

She said: “There were instances where he would turn up at the house uninvited and stuff and I didn’t know how I was going to get rid of him.

“Some of the stuff was quite intimidating.

“He would stand outside my back garden for hours and he would park his car in my driveway so I was trapped in.”

The woman told the court that on one occasion the officer had slapped her when he turned up at her house one morning after she had returned from a night shift.

Anwar, who had denied the charges against him, claimed the woman had consented to sex.

He insisted that they made love three or four times on the day in question and on the last occasion the woman complained that she was in pain.

He said he instantly stopped she encouraged him to continue.

During evidence, Anwar branded his victim “volatile” and claimed that she could “blow up like a volcano.”

As well as the sex attack, Anwar was convicted of a breach of the peace charge as he had left his victim in a “state of fear and alarm”.

He had faced a second rape allegation but prosecutors dropped the charge during the trial.

On Wednesday, defence advocate Sarah Livingstone told the court that her client had accepted the fact that he was being sent to prison.

She added: “He accepts the decision of the jury and he accepts the fact that he will be sent to prison for this offence.

“He has been a useful member of society. He has an unblemished record - all of that has been lost to him, absolutely lost to him.

“In my respectful submission, he does not pose a threat to the public.”

“By being sent to prison, his life will effectively be at an end.”

Lady Scott admonished Anwar - who was placed on the Sex Offenders Register last month - on the breach of the peace charge.