Facebook pulls Edinburgh Munters page

Facebook removed the page. Picture: Getty
Facebook removed the page. Picture: Getty
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A FACEBOOK page which invited users to mock the appearance of men and women from Edinburgh has been removed from the social networking site following an Evening News article calling for it to be taken down.

The web giant axed the cruel Edinburgh Munters page and said it would take act against any copycat sites after the bullying forum prompted a storm of fury from people whose pictures had been unwittingly posted on it.

One picture slapped on the site for people to poke fun at was said to be of a girl who had recently died.

After pulling the plug on the site – which generated more than 5000 “likes” in just a couple of days – Facebook thanked the Evening News for highlighting it.

The spokeswoman for Facebook said: “We take our statement of rights and responsibilities very seriously and react quickly to remove reported content that violates our policies. The goal of these policies is to strike a very delicate balance between giving people the freedom to express themselves and maintaining a safe and trusted environment.
We encourage people to report anything they feel violates our policies using the report links located throughout the site or by using the reporting tools in our help centre at facebook.com/report.”

Facebook contacted the Evening News yesterday to ask for details of the page, and was also passed information about similar pages that readers had brought to our attention. The pages were all removed.

The spokeswoman added: “There is no place for harassment on Facebook, but unfortunately a small minority of malicious individuals exist online, just as they do offline. We have a real-name policy and provide our users with industry-leading tools to block people or report content which they find threatening so that we can remove it quickly.

“At Facebook, nothing is more important to us than the safety of the people using our service. Everyone on Facebook – from young people to parents or teachers – has access to a set of powerful reporting tools. We encourage people to use these tools so we can remove content that breaks our rules quickly.”

However, one 17-year-old who was left feeling “worthless” after her picture was posted on the site said moderators should have taken action as soon as the first complaints were made last week.

She said: “It should never have gone up in the first place and it’s an absolute joke that it was allowed to stay up for so long. I personally know at least 20 people who reported it.

“I am really glad it’s been taken down though. The person who made it really is a pathetic waste of space.”

The moderator of the page, who did not respond to a request for comment, claimed to have received death threats after posting the pictures.