Fan rushed to hospital after roof fall drama

The hole in the roof of Tynecastle Garage
The hole in the roof of Tynecastle Garage
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A PROBE was under way today after a man being pursued by police after a pub fight plunged 20ft through a roof as he tried to escape.

Officers had been chasing father-of-two Ian Ross, 31, through streets and gardens following a fight at Robertson’s Bar in Gorgie Road and are believed to have threatened to release a police dog shortly before he scrambled on to the garage roof.

A fight is said to have broken out at Robertson's Bar

A fight is said to have broken out at Robertson's Bar

Mr Ross, who is thought to have been among Hearts fans drinking at the pub following the team’s 1-1 derby draw with Hibs on Sunday, fell through a plastic skylight on to cars and machinery below.

He suffered serious injuries to his head and body and his family were at his bedside in hospital today.

A source close to the family was quoted saying they were “prepared for the worst”.

A barman at Robertson’s said that a “scuffle” involving two men had broken out in the pub at around 9.30pm, and both had left the premises.

The chase ensued when officers called to the disturbance saw a man trying to make off from the scene.

Messages of support for Ian appeared today on the social network Twitter. One from Bonnyrigg boxer Craig McEwan said: “Please pray for Ian Ross who is fighting for his life in hospital.”

A witness, who saw what happened from his home in nearby Newton Street, said he heard shouting then watched the man climb on to the roof of Tynecastle Garage.

He said: “There was seven to eight police chasing the guy. The police shouted, ‘The police dog is coming’ so the guy scrambled on the roof.”

“It’s a fibre glass roof, so the guy was obviously going to fall through. I saw him fall.”

The onlooker said the police officers were in a garden next to the garage as the man scaled the roof.

He added: “There’s steel beams, lots of cars and I think there’s machinery inside.

“Some neighbours warned him he was going to fall.”

Another neighbour from Newton Street said: “I had to shout to a policeman to not get on the roof. He was trying to follow the guy that fell through and obviously didn’t see the fibre glass bit.”

A large hole was left visible in the clear plastic that runs the length of the garage roof.

Another resident said: “I heard a lot of banging and there were heaps of police cars everywhere. I heard noise from the garage.

“There were police all night, police dog vans, ambulances and men in white suits.”

A police spokesman said: “Police were called to a report of an altercation at a licensed premise on Gorgie Road around 9.30pm on Sunday.

“When officers attended, they were made aware that a man who was suspected of being involved in the incident was making off from police.

“Officers pursued him through a number of streets and gardens and requested he stop several times, however he failed to do so.

“He made his way on to the roof of a garage on Gorgie Road, which he fell through.”

Officers helped paramedics reach the man, who was rushed to the Royal Infirmary.

The police spokesman added: “The use of police dogs is a standard tactic for officers trying to trace a suspect when they are lost to sight and when we believe they are concealing themselves. Inquiries are ongoing in relation to this incident.”