Fans concerns for missing Asda puss amid fox attack fear

Pixie has become a celebrity on Facebook through his supermarket antics
Pixie has become a celebrity on Facebook through his supermarket antics
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As the Capital’s most talked about cat, he has brightened up the day of many a shopper.

But fears are growing for the safety of the aptly-named Asda Cat, who has not been seen for around two weeks.

There are concerns that the celebrity moggie, named Pixie, may have been attacked by a fox or – a victim of his own success – been stolen.

Pixie has built up a huge fanbase, with thousands following his antics on Facebook, simply through his regular visits to the Asda superstore at The Jewel.

The cat could often be seen lazing in baskets or even jumping into the back of cars.

News of his disappearance prompted a flurry of activity on his many Facebook pages, with fans desperate to hear of his return.

Owner Jennifer Loy, 36, who lives at nearby Corbieshot, said: “What’s worrying me is he’s so well known now, I would have thought someone might have seen him. I think about 99 per cent of people who shop at Asda know him.

“He isn’t at the dog and cat home or anywhere like that.

“I was shopping with my boyfriend there and he jumped into the car with me and came home. That was the last time I saw him.

“The security guards at Asda have seen a big fox outside the shop and they said Pixie had been chased a couple of times.”

Hopes that a stray ginger cat posted on a pet forum might have been Pixie were dashed when the animal turned out to have the wrong markings.

Jennifer added: “Pixie ended up in Morningside recently because he had jumped in the back of a car.

“He’s also been found in Prestonpans and on a bed in Musselburgh. But I wouldn’t like to think someone would have taken him – my children are really upset that he is missing.”

Fan Andrew Mackie, who dedicated a calendar to the ginger moggie, said: “Lots of people are really quite concerned about Pixie. I know someone said they saw him being chased into the store by a fox, but if a fox had taken him surely there would have been signs? Or maybe someone has just taken a fancy to him?

“Maybe we can put out a search party to see if we can find him.”

Jennifer has appealed to anyone who finds Pixie to return him to his favourite superstore.

She said: “If anyone does know where he is – and he is quite distinctive with his black freckles and bushy tail – the best thing they could do is drop him off at Asda and he’ll find his way back home.”