Farm life just the Ticket for kitten dumped on bus

Ticket is settling in to his new home with Anna Barry and her children, Clare, Sophie, George, Lizzie and Archie. Picture: Jane Barlow
Ticket is settling in to his new home with Anna Barry and her children, Clare, Sophie, George, Lizzie and Archie. Picture: Jane Barlow
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He’s the little lost kitten who won the hearts of a city after being abandoned on a No 3 bus.

But now the furry feline – aptly dubbed Ticket – has landed on his paws after finding his purr-fect job as a farm’s champion mouser.

The black and white stray has been taken to the bosom of the Barry family who run Ratho Mains Farm, where the pint-sized pussycat is set to make a serious dent in their rodent population.

Along with two other re-homed kittens – Bosworth and Jack – the 12-week-old cat will earn his keep prowling the outhouses in search of rogue mice.

Mother-of-five Anna Barry, 29, hailed the kitten’s 
agility, saying he “loves to chase things”.

“I think he will be a very good mouser,” she said. “If he brings one into the house, I will be very proud of him.”

And she added: “Ticket is really lovely, very friendly and he loves to play.

“He has completely settled in now and has a little favourite place where he likes to sleep.

“He lies in among the bales on a horse rug. There are lots of nooks and crannies for him to explore.”

After their previous farm cats died, the Barrys decided a new batch of clawed recruits would help bring their soaring mice numbers under control.

The family fell in love with Ticket as soon as they saw him and immediately put their name down to adopt him. But it was only later that they learned of his bus journey ordeal when someone mentioned the Evening News appeal.

Mrs Barry said: “A few days after we got him someone came up to me and said ‘Is that the little cat that was in the paper?’

“Then we Googled him. The kids loved looking at him on the computer.”

Ticket has proven a big hit with Mrs Barry’s five-year-old daughter, Sophie, who has been feeding him every morning. He is also popular with Clare, seven, George, three, Lizzie, two, Archie, eight months, and Mrs Barry’s husband, Daniel, 33.

But it is understood sheep dog Flo is less then impressed now she is outnumbered three to one by cats.

Diane Aitchison, centre manager of Scottish SPCA Edinburgh and Lothians, said she was “delighted” Ticket had been successfully rehomed.

“This little guy has had quite an eventful life so far and we’re sure he’ll be happy to settle in to a loving home,” she said.

Little Ticket hit the headlines last month when he was discovered wandering around the bus with no owner in sight.

It is not clear how he got there but SSPCA Animal Rescue Officer Connie O’Neill said it was “very likely” Ticket had been abandoned. Although the possibility someone may have left him behind accidentally was never ruled out, no one has come forward to claim him.