Fashion: Dr Martens store comes to Edinburgh

Picture: Phil Wilkinson
Picture: Phil Wilkinson
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Princes Street is set for a funky new resident as Dr Martens opens its first branch in the 
Capital this week.

The label famous for its chunky leather sole has had quite the style evolution over the past 50 years.

Pink and black jumper, �145; purple shoes �85. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

Pink and black jumper, �145; purple shoes �85. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

Set up in the 1960s simply to ease the pain of one man, fast forward five decades and the label is now synonymous with hipsters up and down the country.

Designed by German inventor Dr Klaus Maertens, the boots were created to provide additional support and comfort for his broken foot. From there, he teamed up with British bootmaker 
R Griggs and Co and the rest is history.

The faithful 1460 8-Eye Boot, which is quintessentially Dr Martens, is omnipresent and still very much at the heart of its fanbase, but a new wave of fresh designs are flooding in, too. More notably in the firm’s clothing line.

It felt only right to get a hold of the Capital’s hippest model, Eunice Olumide, to test drive the gear that will be gracing the Princes Street store.

Yellow, red and black jumper, �120; Castel boots, �90. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

Yellow, red and black jumper, �120; Castel boots, �90. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

The look feels very current and casual with a nod to its 1960s heritage. Fuzzy oversized knits complement chunky soled shoes that come in a plethora of shades and finishes.

Beaton-esque stripes are bold and updated while bright block colours give a youthful feel to a wardrobe essential. I mean, let’s be honest, a woolly jumper is hardly anything new but there is a vitality in this collection that warrants excitement about the brand coming to our city.

The vibe is bespoke to the individual’s personality, giving the collection a great deal of ease and wearability.

It is a very tactile collection, making it incredibly pleasurable to wear. Knits feel cotton-wool soft against skin bending back nicely into the comfort factor its footwear was founded on. T-shirts are simple but quirky, while shirts and dresses look sharp but completely 

Handbags are real statement pieces ranging from studded satchels to large overside leather shoppers.

The pieces have so much personality but remain understated and chic – you’d even be forgiven for thinking some of the larger leather pieces were of the Italian designer variety as they look so on trend. This incredible balance between cool and reaching the masses is a difficult one to achieve, particularly when you are reaching out to such a broad range of ages.

There is a real sense that anyone can wear this label, from teenagers to grandparents and everyone in between. In fact, even the devout high heel wearers have something to select from.