Fashion: Get ready for summer

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Summer is officially in full swing up and down the high street. With such a wealth of styles to choose from it can feel a little like walking into a car dealership fresh from passing your test without the foggiest idea which model fits you best.

Like everything else in life, trends have to be tried and tested.

Picture: Neil Hanna

Picture: Neil Hanna

You have to feel the cut of clothing, ensure the colour is right for your skin tone and ensure you don’t look too racy trying out a new style.

We all have the capacity to resemble that gent in his sports car having a mid-life crisis should we choose to get an outfit wrong.

It seemed only fair to try out summer’s biggest trends and give you an honest opinion on how to wear them before parting with your pounds ahead of bulking up this season’s wardrobe.


Top-to-toe red was all the rage coming down countless catwalks in February. This is a transition autumn/winter 2014 look but the high street has picked up on it quickly and put it in stores now.

Lynne’s thought:

Red is a colour all skin tones can wear. I’d go for a luxurious looking fabric to keep the outfit feeling expensive, even if it isn’t. Oversized shift dresses are a good way to do that.

Maxi skirts Versus wide leg trousers

The maxi has been king of summer dressing for the best part of a decade due to its ease and instant feminine factor. There has been a slight revolt with playsuits and jumpsuits but neither have dethroned the maxi. However, wide leg trousers are threatening to move things forward and break up the homogenised look that has crystallised the past ten summers.

Lynne’s thoughts:

Don’t mistake flares for wide leg trousers – they are very different things. From a distance, wide leg trousers can give the illusion of a long skirt. Flares, on the other hand, belong in the 1970s.


There is no great surprise that florals are big in summer. Every year there is a new take on how to wear them, be it acid florals or jumbo florals – then everything else in between. Here we are going back to basics with a simple floral printed skirt that is easy to wear all summer long teamed with different pieces from your wardrobe.

Lynne’s thoughts:

This skirt is pretty perfect. Toughen it up with a collar and some gladiator shoes, or go pretty with a silk cami and slender sandals. This is a good all-rounder that has staying power all season.

The flat shoe

The backlash to the skyscraper, stripper high heel is well under way in fashion right now. You can’t walk past a shoe rack without seeing 50 per cent off shoes that make you look drag queen ready. Flats are in, and they go with everything. When you change, the feeling of liberation will be elating.

Lynne’s thoughts:

Possibly my favourite summer trend, a flat shoe has the capacity to make the most mundane outfit look a little cooler. I’d start off teaming them with jeans and T-shirts, and sling a bright blazer over the top for good measure. Your feet will feel like your friends again after embracing this trend.