Fashion: Sneak preview for summer

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Summer may seem like a daydream too far as a sea of winter woollens wash over chittering bodies longing for some sun.

But there is some light ahead as summer previews slowly filter into sight – cue the sigh of relief.

Picture: Jane Barlow

Picture: Jane Barlow

Here on home soil, designers are setting a simmering tone to clothing, injecting colour, pattern and print on lightweight silk fabrics fit for the sweetest summer breeze.

Scottish design duo Saunt and Sinner have created a collection of pure beauty out of the most unlikely of muses. The humble pigeon formed the backbone to a collection that errs on the right side of ethereal. Digitally printed images from pigeon feathers have been enlarged on to silk. It looks like a grown-up groomed version of tie dye.

Soft pyjama-style cigarette pants feature alongside simple shaped shift dresses, giving the wearer the option to double up on pieces for an opulent look. The girls nail wearable couture. The shapes are incredibly flattering while the colour palette transitions for sea and sky blues to coraly oranges fading to white.

Make sure limbs are ready to be exposed because skirts are sky high and shorts are thigh skimming. There will be no place to hide, even midriffs are exposed in a flash jammed between high-waisted shorts and looser-cut crop tops.

It might be a daunting prospect to have so much skin on show come summer, but the cut of outfits will ensure you are completely comfortable while daring to bare.

Although material is minimal, it is cut in a way that oozes sophistication. Shorts are loose and sit high above the belly button and, because the cut is loose, you will feel confident rather than over-exposed.

Newcomer to the Scottish fashion scene, Naromode, has debuted a range of lightweight fabrics rich in illustration and storytelling. The humble bumblebee is its standout star of the season, alongside beautifully drawn Asian carp swimming in a tranquil sea of a maxi-skirt.

The use of intense colour on simplistic clothing is a killer combo that I predict will garner Naromode a massive fashion following as word of its work spreads. For a first collection there is a lot to get excited about. These are serious prints, strong and adventurous but with a well thought-out back story which makes it an easy transition from the designer’s workshop to the clothing shop floor.

Regardless of what our Scottish summer has in store for us weather-wise, I can safely predict we’ll be doing it in colour.