Feras over air pollution in Musselburgh

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COUNCIL chiefs in East Lothian had their “heads in the sand” over rising levels of air pollution in Musselburgh, a Green MSP has claimed.

Alison Johnstone, MSP for Lothian, issued the damning rebuke as it was revealed a new report showed the town contained levels of nitrogen dioxide in breach of World Health Organisation guidelines.

The report indicates that High Street and Bridge Street exceeded acceptable levels of air pollution and Musselburgh is set to be branded East ­Lothian’s first Air Quality ­Management area.

Mrs Johnstone said: “The council has had its head in the sand and put the health and wellbeing of local ­people at risk. It’s appalling that the authorities are only now ­facing up to the reality of the ­situation.

“Air pollution is hard to see but its impacts are real.”