Fine for yob who injured baby boy

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A THUG who smashed a bus window with a dog chain, showering glass into the face of a six-week-old boy, has been fined £500.

Kevin Addison, 26, was also fined £250 for assaulting two men by brandishing a dog chain at them and inciting his dog to attack them, and £100 for failing to turn up for trial.

Addison, of Parkgrove Row, Edinburgh, pleaded guilty earlier at the city’s sheriff court to the incidents, on June 3 and August 3 last year.

Fiscal depute Pauline Shade said a couple were on a bus travelling from Haymarket with their six-week-old son. The bus stopped at Maybury Road, and the mother saw Addison holding a 45-centimetre silver metal dog chain. As the bus moved off, Addison swung the chain, striking the window next to where the woman sat with the baby on her knee.

The window shattered and fragments showered the boy’s face. Paramedics found small bits of glass embedded in his face.